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WHAT IF.....
You found yourself falsely accused of an unimaginable crime....
Would you, like so many others, believe that justice would prevail?
Would you have faith in our esteemed courts?

WHAT IF.....
You were forced to sit back and watch quietly while
your fate was being decided by a jury who was never given
the opportunity to hear your side of the story.

WHAT IF.....
You watched repeatedly as one attorney after another failed
to effectively represent you.

The Evidence Speaks to Innocence|


Tampered Gunshot residue reports for Ken Middleton Katherine Middleton
Affifidavit regarding Tampered GSR reports
Expert Testimony Robert Tressel

Ken MiddletonMiddleton was given life without parole for the murder of his wife.  Major facts have been uncovered that call for the immediate release of Middleton, and an FBI investigation.

Middleton’s wife, Kathy was shot in February of 1990. Kenneth and his wife were the only individuals in the house. Yet, there was no blood splatter or Gun Shot Residue on Kenneth hands or long sleeve shirt. Kathy was shot from the left at close range. Both of her hands were to be tested for Gun Shot Residue, but mysteriously only the right hand sample made it to the lab. The section that showed the Gun Shot Residue for Kathy had been altered with white-out. The evidence would have proven that she accidentally shot herself. Kenneth Middleton had no motive and no life insurance on his wife.

Police photos of the crime scene came out black, and new photos were retaken a day later by re-staging the crime scene. This was done without items that were first present in the original crime scene. Middleton’s original attorney Bob Duncan, had three other clients that had been convicted of murder from 1989 to 1992. All of their sentences were overturned due to Bob Duncan’s ineffectiveness, one of the most difficult things to prove in appeal.

After the extensive evidence hearing in July, 2004, Middleton was offered the “Alford Plea,” where he was asked to plead guilty to second degree murder in turn for his freedom on time served and an immediate release. Kenneth refused to admit to something he did not do.  The Missouri Governor Teasdale testified under oath in June 2004, that if he was still in office he would grant a full pardon to Ken Middleton. The original trial Judge Edith Messina issued a new ruling in May 2005. She vacated Mr. Middleton’s 1991 conviction and granted him a new trial. In summary, Judge Messina overturned the conviction due to Bob Duncan’s Gross Ineffective Assistance of counsel. Bob Duncan failed to investigate and call experts who 100% ruled out Kenneth as a shooter. The same Prosecutor, Mike Sanders who offered the Alford Plea shockingly appealed the decision and won on a procedural technicality.  Jim Kanatzer, the current Prosecutor is still denying a new trial.

2010 Update

Motion to Reopen Previous Rule 29.15 Proceeding Due to Abandonment, Conflict of Interest and Fraud Against Court.

State's Response to Motion to Reopen Previous Rule 29.15 Proceeding

Middleton's Reply in Support of His Motion to Reopen Previous Rule 29.15 Proceeding Due to Abandonment, Conflict of Interest and Fraud Against Court.


Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker currently has jurisdiction (816-881-4488).  The Kansas City Star article on James Bowman and Donald Dixon's jurisdiction. Please call or write Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker currently has jurisdiction (816-881-4488) Request that Jean Peters Bakeragree to the new trial ordered by Judge Messina.


  We have gathered FACTS to show that justice has not prevailed. Read for yourself how our system failed
Ken Middleton:

The Kansas City Star

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